It’s all about movement.

The desire to move to the beats was not a stranger .. But the ‘correctness’ put its bounds around .. So for years, I didn’t move .. The shy cover wrapped the desire and all that was left within me was this will to move that limited itself to a smile or to the four walls of my flat ..

I stumbled upon an instagram post of Aramandi to Attitude and I knew I had to write in to ask if I could get some of their time as a guest on UinDhi and lo behold! I knew the answer would be a yes for sure and it was. The gorgeous and super talented researcher and performing artist, Pritha Kundu, was gracious enough to accept my invite and it was one of the most amazing sessions that I have held together as a part of our work ..

Pritha is all about improvisation. She’s all about going beyond the definitions of ‘correctness’ and is all about exploring the deepest, darkest, brightest and the most unique form of expression that lies dormant in each of us .. Through her research and through her work, she has successfully come to understand that it is all about inner work and the world outside is merely a reflection of what one is on the inside.. Her workshops provide a judgement free space for anyone who is willing to explore and her unique abilities to learn and grow together as a community is simply endearing.

I am yet to be a part of her workshop and maybe I’ll have more of my personal experiences to share .. Maybe finally I’ll be able to put my shy cover aside and begin to feel and align / re-align to my own inner being. Maybe ..?! ..

More on Pritha and the movement community, Aramandi to Attitude can be found at and her entire chat with us can be seen here

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